Project Activities

INTERFACE will provide a comprehensive in-service training programme for VET teachers and tutors and in-company trainers comprising 2 distinct parts as follows:

  • Developed by UPB and EEO, part A of the training will focus on building the digital pedagogy of CVET tutors to work successfully in online environments and introducing constructivist
    approaches to teaching which are ideally suited to a WBL environment.
  • Part B will be developed by Mindshift and UniLAT and focus on models for the identification, recognition and communication of transversal skills within the workplace and Re-skilling and up-skilling low-skilled workers is essential to ensure that they can participate fully in society and economy as Europe recovers from the devastating impact of Covid-19.

CVET will be a crucial factor in this recovery as it can impact on individuals and companies. For individuals it contributes to their employability and helps them to prepare for change and transition in their work as well as between jobs. It is also a main pillar of their lifelong learning; for companies in terms of updating and renewing knowledge, skills and competences of their workforce, CVET is an essential tool in responding to increasing global competition and to changing technological and socioeconomic requirements.

The urgent need to focus on transversal competencies is vividly apparent in a world where organisations, workforces and individuals are continuously subject to unprecedented complex change: rapid and radical technological advancements, the transformational forces and challenges of globalisation, environmental sustainability, demographic shifts and migration, and political uncertainty. We are required to operate with clarity, accountability and good judgement, and make difficult decisions, despite the vortex of uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility surrounding us. For organisations, workforces and citizens, learning to adapt to these momentous changes, which are coinciding to create an unprecedented impact on humanity (e.g. globalisation and AI), represents a significant challenge, but is essential if they are to avoid becoming marginalised.

To survive and to thrive in this competitive, hyper-connected, technology-driven global economy, organisations, workers and citizens need to develop and deploy a core set of transversal competencies as the cornerstone for all their endeavours. These transversal competencies are the currency that will enable the INTERFACE target groups to make sense of the complex changes and to participate as change agents and innovators, rather than merely as passengers.

The INTERFACE Project will deliver the following 3 project results:

  1. In-Service Training Programme and Toolkit for Validation of Skills
  2. INTERFACE Compendium of Interactive Infographics for Transversal Skills Development
  3. INTERFACE MOOC and Community of Practice.