Newsletter Six is Online!

📢 Exciting News! 🎉 The INTERFACE Project is thrilled to announce the release of our sixth newsletter! 📰 Dive into the latest updates, achievements, and insights from our innovative project dedicated to advancing vocational education and training across Europe. Stay informed, stay inspired! 💡

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📢 Hot Off the Press! 🚀

Have you checked out our latest newsletter? 📰 Newsletter 5 dives deep into the groundbreaking work of the INTERFACE Project, highlighting the release of our innovative Compendium of Interactive Infographics for Key Transversal Skills Development. Discover how these dynamic resources are reshaping vocational education and training, empowering learners with essential skills for success in today’s evolving job market. Don’t miss out—read all about it now!

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Newsletter Five is Online!

📣 Attention all INTERFACE Project followers! 🌟 The fifth newsletter is here, and it’s packed with insights into our innovative Interactive Infographics. Explore how these engaging resources are transforming the development of key transversal skills, supporting learners in their journey towards success. Stay informed, stay inspired! 💡

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📢 Exciting News Incoming! 🚀

Get ready, everyone! Newsletter 5 of the INTERFACE Project is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to share all the latest updates with you. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at our groundbreaking initiatives, including the launch of our innovative Compendium of Interactive Infographics for Key Transversal Skills Development. It’s going to be a game-changer in vocational education and training! Keep your eyes peeled for the release—we’re about to take things to the next level!

Expect newsletter five at the end of December 2023!

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Newsletter Four is Online!

📢 Exciting news! 🚀 The fourth newsletter of the INTERFACE Project is now available! 🎉 This edition focuses on our cutting-edge MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and its role in revolutionizing vocational education and training. Dive into the world of online learning and discover how our MOOC empowers learners with accessible, high-quality educational resources. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and insights! 💻

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🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce a major milestone in the INTERFACE Project journey! Our team has been hard at work developing groundbreaking resources to revolutionize vocational education and training. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to innovate and empower learners worldwide! 💪🚀

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Newsletter Three is Online!

🔔 Attention INTERFACE Project community! 🌟 The third newsletter is here, and this time, we’re shining a spotlight on the vibrant Community of Practice (CoP) created by our dedicated partners! 🤝 Discover how the CoP fosters collaborative learning, knowledge exchange, and innovation in vocational education and training. Join us as we explore the power of collective learning and shared experiences! 💡

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📣 Exciting Announcement! 🚀

Get ready, everyone! Newsletter 3 of the INTERFACE Project is on its way, and it’s packed with all the latest updates you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for an exclusive look at our dynamic Community of Practice, where VET professionals collaborate, learn, and innovate together. We’re thrilled to share the progress and insights gained through this invaluable platform. Keep an eye out for the release—this newsletter is bound to inspire!

Expect newsletter three in the mid of February 2023!

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Newsletter Two is Online!

📣 Exciting News Alert! 🎉 Dive into the latest newsletter from the INTERFACE Project! 📰 In this edition, we delve into the details of Result 1: the comprehensive In-Service Training Programme and Toolkit for Validation of Skills. 🛠️ Learn how this innovative resource is transforming vocational education and training for the better! Don’t miss out on this insightful update! 💼

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